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Around two million people suffer from burns in the United States each year. Burn injuries are the nation’s third largest cause of accidental death and cause 300,000 serious injuries each year. Many burn injuries are the direct result of negligence and could have been prevented. Burn injury lawyers investigate the cause of a severe burn injury and aim to discover if responsibility or fault may lie with a manufacturer or other negligent party. If your burn injury is the result of carelessness, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Welcome to the Burn Injury Lawyers Network. The goal of this website is to provide visitors with valuable information about burn injuries and help you find a qualified burn injury lawyer in your area. Here you will find an abundance of information about burn injuries including causes, types and treatment, and we’ll show you how to get experienced legal help. The attorneys highlighted in this site are dedicated to providing excellent legal representation and standing up for those who have been wrongfully injured.

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Coping with the Physical & Emotional Scars of a Burn Injury
Burn injuries are extremely painful and slow healing. Many doctors consider serious burns to be the most painful category of injury. In addition to the pain of the initial injury, burn survivors must suffer through numerous surgeries and skin grafts. Young burn survivors suffer the most because skin grafts do not expand and must be continually replaced during the growing years.

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Burn survivors also face tremendous emotional pain. The stares, questions and over-protection and sympathy often overwhelm a burn survivor. Burn injuries force a radical change in a person's daily life. Many burn survivors undergo depression and the physical reminders of the injury affect their self-esteem. Strong friendships can crumble, previous physical skills can become challenges, and long hospitalization and recuperation can set back schooling and careers.

Burn survivors require very specialized care and support. Visit our Burn Injury Resources page for a list of helpful links and support groups.

There are many factors that help relieve a burn survivor's emotional as well as physical suffering and help them build the skills necessary to cope with the injury. Although dealing with a burn injury is an uphill battle, many people have survived and triumphed in spite of the setbacks that come with a burn injury. Hiring an experienced attorney can help you get the money you need for treatment, therapy and rehabilitation. And even though money can’t erase the pain of a burn injury, it can carry you down the road to recovery at a faster pace.

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